3PL Warehouse Companies in Missouri

Numerous Ports and the Benefit of St. Louis Missouri

3PL Warehouse Companies in Missouri

If you're currently researching 3PL warehouse companies in Missouri, no doubt one city you're looking toward is St. Louis. While this city is what most people think of as being advantageous in distributing goods throughout Missouri, you have plenty of other regions for your fulfillment center.

Some people forget Missouri has a number of ports that link to a couple of major rivers in the state. Other major cities in Missouri are close to major airports that deal in international cargo. Several major highways extend the entire width of the state to allow distribution on a regional level. You even have one expressway giving an easy route to other states to the north.

As with all states, plenty of 3PL companies are available around St. Louis and other popular Missouri cities. What matters is whether they have the right technology and procedures fitting your business structure. We can help you find what you need here at 3PLCompanies.net based on our comprehensive vetting process.

Let's take a look at Missouri and how great a state it is for reaching markets in the southeast and even upper northeast regions of the United States.

Ports Near St. Louis

If you want to corner many of the markets around St. Louis and need some of the best ports available, you have two quality ports available in this region. The first is the City of St. Louis Port Authority.

Through the above port, you have market access to 29 industrial centers reaching over 90 million people. Worldwide transport is also available, which can help you branch out to any part of the world as you expand.

For covering distribution statewide and into other nearby states, this St. Louis port has a direct connection to the Illinois River, which can give you a direct river line to Chicago. It also connects to the Missouri River for an easy byway to many Missourian cities.

Then you have the nearby St. Louis County Port Authority giving you similar market access as the port above. These ports are just two reasons why the St. Louis area is usually the preferred location for 3PL companies. Even so, additional ports are available in other areas of Missouri that are close to major highways and airports.

Other Useful Ports

You'll find other ports like the Howard/Cooper County Regional Port Authority in Boonville to cover northern Missouri. This port has access to the Missouri River as well, plus one of the few with easy pathway to the Mississippi River. The port even touts how they're the only one with easy shipping access between Kansas City and St. Louis.

Don't overlook the Kansas City Port Authority that's now the largest distribution center along the Missouri River. They handle everything from barge, rail, and trucking services.

Major Highways and Airports

Missouri Route 10 is an excellent highway route for shipping goods because it connects Kansas City to Chicago. Other highways to consider being close to are I-70, I-64, 1-55, 1-44, and the Mississippi River Bridge (which carries I-70 traffic). These highways are near Kansas City and St. Louis as well.

Airports to consider include Lambert-St. Louis International Airport that provides the best equipment in the state for handling cargo and freight flow.

Other airports handling cargo include Kansas International Airport and The Springfield-Branson National Airport. Don't forget about the amount of people who live in Branson since becoming one of the top tourist cities in the southeast U.S.

Here at 3PLCompanies.net, we'll help you find a Missouri 3PL company with the best equipment, talent, and contracts. Contact us so we can give you a vetted list of 3PL companies in the most strategic areas beyond just the pride of St. Louis.

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