Third Party Logistics Warehouses in Iowa

3PL Warehousing Services Companies in IowaIowa is a midwestern state that is seated between the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. The state is surrounded by Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota. The state’s geography is marked with rolling hills and is best known for its corn and grain fields.  The state’s rich agricultural history make it an ideal location for warehousing agricultural and other edible goods, as well as many others. Iowa is accessible by several major interstate highways, including 380, 80, 29, and 35, which runs from Mexico to Canada. The state is also well connected through its own network of state and local highways. Iowa also has major airports and railway access, and thanks to it’s strategic positioning along the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, Iowa can also process water-based cargo at the ports of Burlington, Dubuque and Keokuk.

Des Moines Iowa 3PL Warehousing Companies

Located in the heart of the State of Iowa, the capitol city of Des Moines, Iowa is the state’s largest city in the State of Iowa with over 215k people. Des Moines is centrally located within the state, with highway access from major interstate highways 235, 80 and 35, which runs from Canada to Mexico, as well as many local and state highways which run through the city. Des Moines is also home to the Des Moines International Airport which offers both commercial and freight services, and the city of Des Moines is railroad accessible via the Norfolk Southern line.

Cedar Rapids Iowa 3PL Warehouse Service Providers

Cedar Rapids, Iowa is the second-largest city in the State of Iowa with a population of over 130k.  Cedar Rapids is located in the eastern portion of Iowa, seated along interstate 380. Not far from Iowa City, Cedar Rapids is also within close proximity of I80, which runs from east to west across the State of Iowa. Cedar Rapids is home to the Eastern Iowa Airport, which offers both commercial and cargo flights, and has railroad access via several major railroads including the CRANDIC Railway and the Iowa Interstate Railroad.

Davenport Iowa 3rd Party Warehousing Companies

Davenport, Iowa is the third-largest city in the State of Iowa. Located along the eastern border of Iowa and Illinois, Davenport is conveniently positioned along Interstate highway 80, which runs east to west across the State of Iowa. Davenport is home to Davenport Municipal Airport, and thanks to its proximity to the border of Illinois, is approximately a 15-minute drive to the Quad City International Airport in Moline, Illinois. Davenport also has rail access via the Canadian Pacific and I&M Railroads. Recent improvements along the rail lines within the city were designed to make shipping more efficient in times of high water along the Mississippi River.

Sioux City Iowa Third-Party Logistics (3PL’s) Warehousing

Sioux City, Iowa is the fourth largest city in the State of Iowa. Located on the far northwest border of the State, Sioux City shares its border with both Nebraska and South Dakota. The city has a population of approximately 82k people, and is seated along Interstate highway 380, not far from Interstate 80 to the south. The city of Sioux City is served by the Sioux Gateway Airport, a public and military use airport.  Sioux Gateway Airport offers both passenger and freight services. Sioux city is also within about 100 miles of Omaha, Nebraska which is home to Omaha Eppley Field, an international airport. Sioux City is also connected to railroad via the Union Pacific and Transco Railroads. The city also has a river port along the Missouri River.

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