Louisiana Third-Party Logistics and Warehousing Companies

3PL Warehousing Companies in LouisianaThe Southern State of Louisiana is strategically positioned on the Gulf of Mexico, allowing freight to be easily delivered to its many seaports. In addition to the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana is bordered by Texas, Arkansas and Mississippi. Louisiana’s position allows it to benefit both from sea access and access to Texas and Interstate 35, which travels from Mexico to Canada. Louisiana also has its own network of highways, including Interstate highways 49 and 20. Louisiana is also well connected via air and rail.  The state has a population of over 4 million. Louisiana’s chief exports include petroleum, soybeans, and natural gas, so warehousing and manufacturing any products which require these ingredients are ideal in Louisiana.

New Orleans Third-Party Logistics Warehouses

New Orleans, Louisiana is the State’s most populous city, with over 391k people. The Port City is located in the southernmost part of the state - along the Mississippi River- and can process import and export cargo. It is also a popular cruise port. New Orleans is also well connected via Interstates 10 and 310.  The city has railroad access via the Norfolk Southern Railroad. The city also has its own airport, Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, which accepts both passenger and cargo freight.

Baton Rouge Louisiana Third Party Warehousing Companies

Baton Rouge is the second-largest city in Louisiana by population, with over 227k people calling the city home.  Baton Rouge is also the capital city of Louisiana. Located in the south-central part of the state, Baton Rouge is seated along interstate 10 which connects to interstate 310. It also has state highways and local roads. The city has airport access via Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport, which is a public use airport. Baton Rouge Metropolitan airport offers passenger service with major airlines such as Delta Connection and United Express.  Due to the city of Baton Rouge’s proximity to New Orleans, many larger flights and cargo flights are routed to New Orleans instead. Baton Rouge has railroad access via the Illinois Central Railroad and the Kansas City Southern Railway.

Shreveport Louisiana 3PL Warehouses

The third-largest city in Louisiana, Shreveport has a population of approximately 194k.  The city of Shreveport is located in the Northwest corner of Louisiana, not far from the Texas and Arkansas borders.  Shreveport is seated along Interstate 20, and is located at the intersection of 20 and Interstate 49.  The city’s proximity to Texas, Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico make it an ideal location for warehousing goods traveling in and out of the country. Shreveport benefits from its proximity to DFW and the DFW airport, but also has air access via Shreveport Regional Airport, a small airport which handles both passenger and air cargo freight. The city has railroad access via the Union Pacific Railroad and the Kansas City Southern Railway.

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