Finding 3PL Warehouse Companies in Massachusetts to Cover Northeastern Markets

Find a 3PL in Massachusetts

You'll find a considerable amount of 3PL warehouse companies in Massachusetts because of the state's prime spot for covering so many regions of New England. Beyond that, it's because Massachusetts has various significant ports, one of which is the most important maritime hub in this corner of the United States.

While that's a good reason to choose a 3PL company here, many of the best ports are close to significant interstates, railways, and airports to serve millions of consumers throughout the New England area.

If you're new to researching 3PL companies, we can help you choose wisely here at Even if you have a central Massachusetts city like Boston in mind, you'll have to vet dozens of 3PL's to find the right one. Perhaps only one warehouse in the area is really suitable for your business structure.

You need a good vetting guide to find out what you really need. It's worth noting that Boston isn't the only outstanding location in Massachusetts for your product distributions.

Let's look at the different ports in the region, beneficial cities, and how intermodal distribution is vital to reach the most amount of people.

The Port of Boston

Known as part of MassPort, the Port of Boston gets noted as the oldest active port in the western hemisphere. All of the cargo goes through Conley Terminal, and it's the only full-service container terminal in New England. They import or export over 1.5 million metric tons of cargo per year with an expert crew always bringing reliable results.

The port continues to improve each year, which means using this near your 3PL is a good investment for the coming decade.

While sea cargo is ongoing, they have some of the easiest interstate routes for truckers. Prominent interstates like I-93, I-90, and I-95 are within just a couple of miles from the terminal.

Conley Terminal is part a Foreign Trade Zone as well, which is always worth looking into when seeking ports near your chosen 3PL. An FTZ saves you instant money on excessive shipping fees and taxes.

The Port of New Bedford

Here you have another prominent Massachusetts port with a convenient location on the southern coast. The Port of New Bedford isn't far away from other major cities like New York City, or to other ports within Massachusetts. It's also another Foreign Trade Zone, and they tout having no harbor maintenance tax.

Something else you'll find worthwhile is they recently started shipping goods to one specific region of Mexico. Through a sister port agreement, the Bedford port specifically ships to Tuxpan, Mexico, giving you an outlet for reaching an international market you perhaps need.

Another advantage here is the protection the port provides. Considering this is occasionally hurricane country, the port constructed a hurricane barrier for solid protection. It's one thing to consider when looking for a 3PL and what protections you have from the worst natural elements.

Interstate Highways

All of Massachusetts' interstate highways intersect through the state's major cities. So nearly any major city here can give you convenient highway routing within the state or to other states. For instance, I-95 runs into towns and cities south of Boston, through Boston, then up north into Georgetown.

You also have Interstate 495 that runs through cities just west of Boston. This highway goes from Amesbury to the north down to West Wareham in the south.

In the western portion of Massachusetts, look out for cities and towns near Interstate 90. On this highway, you can cover Springfield, plus go directly into Boston.

Let us help you find the 3PL you need in Massachusetts during the first quarter of 2016.

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