Considering 3PL Warehouse Companies in Georgia: Why the Peach State is a Logistics Leader

3PL Services and Companies in Georgia

Your business made the best decision this year if you've considered a 3PL warehouse company in Georgia. The Peach State has gradually become one of the leading U.S. locations in logistics thanks to having easier access to 80% of the U.S. market by truck. But then, it isn't unusual when you consider Georgia has a strong history of shipping going back to the 19th century. Already in 1819, the state used the first steamship in America to ship goods to the U.K.

The Georgia of today is robust in providing the best ports, roads, and rail distribution, domestically and to the world. One good reason is it's one of the best for regional distribution due to population growth. Georgia expects to have 14 million people by 2030. This has prospects for the state to continue thriving in the economy as they have since the 1990s.

Covering the southern U.S. is also advantageous when you consider the total population is higher there than other parts of America.

Let's look at what makes the logistics so great in Georgia, and why it's equally great for shipping goods internationally.

The Port of Savannah

Savannah is a leading city in Georgia, though their port is now the fastest-growing exporter in the United States. They're ranked fourth nationally in total volume, plus second in container exports. With 40 steamship lines in operation, you can see why it's become the biggest and most important port next to ones in California or Virginia.

It's always important to look for quality rail service near a port, and the Port of Savannah has this designation. They have Class I railroad service, which is rare in any other port across America.

Nearby is the Port of Brunswick, which gets noted as being one of the top shipping centers for automobiles and machinery. On-site, they have two main railroad services (Norfolk Southern, and CSX) as the top railways covering the southern United States.

Roads Throughout Georgia

Interstate highways through Georgia are more extensive than some other states. They have 1,200 miles available on the interstates alone, plus thousands more miles on federal and state highways.

Thanks to Georgia being strategically placed, the state has seven of the most important interstate highways passing through. When you want to cover Georgia's coastal markets, I-95 can cover it all, as well as down the southern coast. This highway goes into Miami, and up into Maine.

I-75 is particularly useful when you want to truck goods up into Michigan or south into Florida. Another is I-85 that has a direct pipeline to other southern states like Alabama.

3PL Warehouse Companies in Atlanta Georgia

Working with a 3PL near Atlanta is just as beneficial because many interstates start or pass through there. I-285 is one of the most prominent highways in Atlanta. In total, you have six interstates near here that can provide easy routes to virtually anywhere in the nation.

Air Shipping Services in Georgia

If you've relied mostly on shipping through ports, trucks, or rail, don't discount air service. The advantage here is Georgia has 144 public and private airports available. Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is the leading air center in the state that can reach most American cities within two to four hours.

Through this airport, you can reach markets in six continents for exponential expansion this year. Plus, it's within a Foreign Trade Zone, giving you immediate savings on fees and taxes associated with shipping cargo.

Despite all these pluses of distribution in Georgia, you need a thorough vetting of 3PL's in the area. We have access to reliable data to help you find the warehouse right for your business structure.

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