3 Reasons Why 3PL Fulfillment RFP Is Important

RFP request for proposalWhen searching for a 3PL Fulfillment provider, you will quickly note how broad the competition is for your business. The choices can seem daunting. Today we’re going to look at one way to ease the work of finding that perfect partner. Specifically, we’re going to look at  why 3PL Fulfillment RFP is an important step toward making that perfect match.

  1. A 3PL Fulfillment RFP Asks Potential Partners to Come to You. One of the key benefits of the request for proposal (RFP) process is that you control how potential partners to come to you with their offers. You choose who sees your RFP, and you choose the terms on which potential partners come to you. This stance places you in prime position while bargaining with 3PL fulfillment companies. You are the one in control. Also, you know up front that anyone who comes to you will be able to do the work outlined. This means thatyou can save time searching through alternatives, speaking to companies who will not be able to fulfill your needs. For example, let’s say you are looking for a 3PL fulfillment company will be able to insert small complimentary items like flyers or business cards in each shipment. The RFP process helps to ensure you don’t waste your time on fulfillment companies who do not perform these services.
  2. A 3PL Fulfillment RFP Lets You Define the Format of Responses. The second key benefit of RFP’s are that they allow you to solicit responses from a broad range of competitors and then compare their responses side-by-side. A RFP lets potential 3PL fulfillment partners know exactly what you’re looking for, what kind of information you’d like about their businesses, and how many estimates you would like to receive. When sorting through responses, it will then be easier to compare competitors side by side, viewed in terms of how you do business. What are the costs for the services you’ve requested? What are some additional services you may want for the future? Be sure to include any relevant information you want businesses to include in their proposals, such as any SLA’s and metrics and business history you consider relevant when weighing possible options. Then, you’ll have all the answers you need in one easy place.
  3. A 3PL Fulfillment RFP Helps You Start Your Partnership Right. Third, and at least as important, an RFP helps to normalize business relationships in a professional manner. Whatever the age and type of your business, a RFP is a time-honored, professional means to begin a fruitful partnership. RFP’s are used in a variety of business settings; they are a standardized, above-board way of letting other companies know you would like to enter into a long-term contract. You then have the added confidence that the businesses responding to you are professionals willing to act above-board. To put this another way, let us say you do not use a RFP but instead search for the right company by looking through the phone book or by reaching out through business contacts. This method will often limit your prospects, and it may include some businesses which are less than trustworthy, including hidden costs and unreliable practices. A RFP is a way of conducting business that is standard and open, giving you better access to all the reliable businesses who can perform the services you need.

Is this your first RFP for 3PL fulfillment? Are you considering what kind of RFP or whether to go with an RFP at all? Do you have questions about the kinds of questions you should ask, and the kinds of services which are available? For answers to these questions and more, contact us today. Let 3PL Companies help you find the perfect 3PL fulfillment company for your business.