3PL Warehouse Companies in Washington State: The Advantage of Easy Distribution Outlets

3PL Warehouse Company in Washington

Locating a 3PL warehouse company in Washington State is a smart choice when you want to corner markets in the NW corner of the United States. While many businesses choose California has a major west coast distribution hub, it's not always close enough to many strong NW markets. Your advantage with Washington State is that it allows quick and easy shipping across the border of Canada to widen your customer base.

Washington also has a couple of notable ports to give you access to Pacific Rim trade. Along with Oregon to the south, you can corner all the NW territories easily with Washington being in the center. This includes notable highways throughout the region, plus a nearby international airport.

While you'll find many 3PL companies in Washington for the above conveniences, you still need to vet warehouses carefully to see if they have the technology you require. Let's look at more shipping benefits in Washington and why distribution of goods is so much easier there.

The Port of Seattle

This is one of two ports available in Washington State that gives you everything you need in the way of both sea and air cargo transport. The port is also part of the Foreign Trade Zone, which won an award from FDI Magazine for managing FTZ growth.

Being a part of the Foreign Trade Zone already gives you a major benefit since these help give you discounts on tariffs and other shipping fees. Without these reduced prices, shipping in the Pacific Rim can get quite expensive if you're trying to cut costs.

With the port location in Seattle, you have immediate access to shipping since you'll find many reliable 3PL companies in the Emerald City. Seventeen ocean carriers are available here that give you access to markets in Asia, Europe, Latin America, plus Alaska, and Hawaii.

Because foreign trade is a major part of the economy in this region, you have dedicated teams working to keep sea cargo working optimally at all times.

The Port of Tacoma

The second most important port in Washington State is this one in Tacoma. It joins the Port of Seattle as The Northwest Seaport Alliance that exists to strengthen the Puget Sound gateway. Tacoma is already another advantageous city in Washington because of its proximity to both ports above. This port, though, isn't diminished in the equipment they use. They have superior cargo-handling technology to keep shipping on schedule every day.

With recent statistics showing container volumes from both ports surpassing the 3 million mark this last fall, you can see how strong of a market the region is.

Even so, finding a 3PL city in Washington near major highways can give you more benefits for local shipping duties.

The Best Highway Routes and Air Transport

Finding suburbs of Seattle in Washington can give you close access to many major highway routes going throughout the state. The most significant is I-5, which gives you a straight highway line for truck shipping up into northern Washington, down into Oregon, and into California.

You also have I-90, I-405, and state highway 167 to serve all regions of Washington for small towns and other Seattle suburbs.

Near Seattle is Sea-Tac Airport, which is a major international hub for the entire NW. Air cargo is constant here, and the Port of Seattle is nearby as mentioned above. In addition, it's worth noting Sea-Tac ranks 19th in air cargo volume throughout North America, with continual growth expected over the next few years.

While Seattle is one of your best cities in Washington for a 3PL company, don't discount the tiny towns surrounding the central part of the state.

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