3PL Warehouse Companies in Virginia: One of the Best U.S. States for Business

3PL Warehouse Company in Virginia

If you're looking for 3PL warehouse companies in Virginia this new year, you'll probably discover one thing: Many 3PL's exist in the state. That's because those warehouses know Virginia is one of the best cities in the nation for business. Even Forbes ranked Virginia #7 within their list of best business-oriented states.

With this in mind, don't hesitate to seriously consider Virginia when searching for a 3PL warehouse. In particular, the capital city of Richmond is a supreme spot for a number of reasons based on proximity to advantageous locations.

You also have a couple of notable ports that are some of the leading gateways for domestic and international shipments on the U.S. East Coast. Plus, with many active railroads and fourteen airports in Virginia, you can see why it's one of the top central locations for distributing goods.

Take a closer look at Virginia's attributes so you can see for yourself why The Old Dominion state is a strong place to find a 3PL.

Why Richmond is a Strong Business Center

The reasons for choosing a 3PL in or near Richmond are extremely positive. Because it's the capital city, you already have advantages in the extreme growth the city experienced in recent years. Statistics show shipments from Richmond can reach half of all 50 states in just one day. In addition, 55% of the entire U.S. population is within 750 miles of Richmond.

You can see why Richmond is close to an American grand central for shipping goods. However, you have easy routing through southern states and the regional area. Virginia has the third largest transportation network in America.

Another positive using a 3PL in Virginia is the state has superior shipping infrastructure. However, it doesn't necessarily mean a 3PL you use there has the proper equipment you need.

While vetting is important, you still need to look at your warehouse's vicinity to two notable ports.

The Port of Virginia

This port near Norfolk is the third busiest container port in the U.S. It's a prime example of the infrastructure quality in Virginia because the port has no natural obstructions in their channel. With easier access to ocean lanes, shipments get out faster than in other east coast ports.

The Port of Virginia ships out to over 200 countries every day, and 40 international carriers go out for shipments every week. Thirty-three percent of all cargo in the port goes in and out by rail, which makes for faster regional service. You'll even find a commitment to the environment here with a 38% decrease in air emissions over the last 17 years.

Other Ports Within the Port of Virginia

As part of the above port's facilities, you'll find other essential ports like The Port of Richmond along the west bank of the James River. The largest terminal is the Norfolk International Terminals, which you'll find along the Elizabeth and Lafayette Rivers.

Craney Island is the newest expansion here that's expected to bring in larger vessels and more extensive international trade. While still in development, this port area may make a larger impact in Virginia shipping within the coming decade.

Roads and Rail

Richmond's convenience above brings a lot more to you in the way of interstate highways and rail service. Highways like I-95, I-81, and I-66 (as just a few) help you get goods trucked to other states within a short time. I-95 was once one of only two highways in the nation with a rail line in the median.

Rail service near Richmond is superior as well with ten railroads and two of the largest train services in the nation: CSX Corporation and Norfolk Southern Corporation.

Let us help you find a 3PL in the best Virginia location for your shipping needs.

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