3PL Warehouse Companies in Vancouver, Canada: Ports, Trains, and Being Near the U.S.

3PL Warehouse Companies in Vancouver, Canada

If you're looking for 3PL warehouse companies in Vancouver, Canada as your main fulfillment center in the coming year, there isn't any more strategic place if you're cornering the NW corner of North America. Along with being a beautiful city, Vancouver, British Columbia has a number of advantageous logistics that can help ship goods faster to local markets. Plus, being one of the major cities of the NW, Vancouver has some major ports and train lines.

It's important that when choosing a 3PL company, the home city has major ports so you can distribute your products overseas. Cities with ports along the Pacific Ocean can help you easily ship goods to places like China and other countries in the Pacific Rim. You have more benefits to this if the port is part of the Foreign-Trade Zone.

If you're not overly familiar with Vancouver, Canada, let's look at the advantages you have using a fulfillment center there. We'll look at their ports, the rail lines, and why being near the border of the United States matters in faster distribution.

The Port of Vancouver

You've perhaps heard of the Port of Vancouver, and it's one of two major ports in the area that serve the container market for the Pacific Rim. Many 3PL companies are near here, and you have many benefits that go beyond just shipping into the Pacific. As the Port says themselves above, you have multi-modal access through various means near the area.

One of the most significant is it's located just 106 river miles from the ocean and the Columbia River. This gives you opportunities for serving the Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA marketplace. Plus, you have the best access to U.S. Midwest and Western Canadian cities than any other port in the region.

I-5 is also nearby for easy road transport to interior towns and cities. The BNSF Railway and Union Pacific Railroad are close by as main rail lines.

Even better is the port has world-class terminals to handle container movements. These facilities have the best technology available to make shipping all the faster.

Port Metro Vancouver

Once known as Port Fraser, this port is just as beneficial because of 28 available marine cargo terminals. They also tout themselves as Canada's largest port, which you may not know if you've only heard of Port Vancouver.

Any 3PL warehouse near here is worth pursuing because the port has three Class 1 railroads nearby, plus a regional short-line railroad. Basically, you have very comprehensive access to foreign and domestic Canadian markets. Nevertheless, it's still important to consider other cities in the nearby area when you want to target specific regions.

Cities Near Vancouver

Some of the closest cities to Vancouver include Burnaby and Richmond, both of which are only about 10 miles away. You'll find numerous fulfillment centers there that can easily ship out to Vancouver within a short time to avoid delays.

Both cities aren't all that far away from the Vancouver International Airport either, so any packages you need to deliver by air won't take hours of time.

Why Vancouver is a Leader in Shipping Goods

Evidence shows Vancouver is only second to Los Angeles in being the busiest area for distributing goods through West Coast ports. Over the next 20 years, this will grow by 250%, which should interest you for future distribution options.

It's important, though, to vet 3PL companies carefully. That's where we can help you here at 3PLCompanies.net. We carefully research and find the best fulfillment centers possessing superior technology and logistics for the most efficient results.

Contact us so we can help you find advantages to locating 3PL warehouses in Vancouver, B.C. as the area continues to grow themselves in proliferating goods around the world.

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