3PL Warehouse Companies in Texas: Finding the Right Cities Near Gulf of Mexico Ports

3PL companies in Texas

You've made a good choice trying to find 3PL warehouse companies in Texas, because it's a central American point for shipping goods to virtually any state. Despite Texas being quite independent in numerous areas, they're still a major part of helping America's economy. That's especially true because of the state having the Gulf of Mexico on its eastern side.

Perhaps you never knew the eastern portion of Texas has over 18 ports shipping cargo into the Gulf of Mexico daily. All of these ports create over $82 billion in income every year.

As far as finding 3PL companies in Texas, it's easy to find many in major cities from Houston to Brownsville. Regardless, you need proper vetting to find the ones that work well with your business structure. Here at 3PLCompanies.net, we'll help you find a 3PL fitting your business needs while being in the most advantageous cities.

3PL Warehouses in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston

The most popular areas for locations of 3PL warehouses are Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. This is no surprise, considering that these cities are the largest in Texas. But with so many ports available and various intermodal means to get goods shipped locally (or into nearby states), you need to do a little analysis. Let's look a little closer at the best locations to give you a competitive edge.

The Port of Houston

Thanks to having a central location along the Gulf Coast, the Port of Houston is consistently ranked #1 in U.S. imports, as well as in exports. They even lead in the realm of international trade with shipments going to more countries than most other ports in America.

Many foreign countries find it beneficial going through the Port of Houston because the port gets noted for its superior financial infrastructure. They also have the most skilled port workforce in the entire region, making it a prime spot.

Local shipping is just as outstanding since Houston is only 1,000 miles away from most major cities in nearby states. Through the port, you can reach U.S. Midwest and West within a short time.

Most impressive is that the port is a Foreign Trade Zone, which helps you save money on shipping fees and taxes. Thanks to the port's transparency, you can see the numerous benefits of using them as an FTZ.

The Port of Galveston

This port is one of the oldest in Texas and established in 1825 as just a mere trading post. Today, the Port of Galveston has 850 acres of shipping facilities that work just as beneficially as the Port of Houston.

It's also another Foreign Trade Zone, and has been since 1978. If you've dealt with tariff issues in other port cities, various ports in Texas are Foreign Trade Zones. Using these, you can eliminate any discouragement getting involved in international shipping.

The Port of Brownsville

Brownsville is at the southern tip of Texas along the Gulf Coast and near the border of Mexico. Through the Port of Brownsville, you get the only seaport available along the Texas-Mexico border, which can open a potential new market for you. It's even the only port in America with the largest amount of land space.

It's another Foreign Trade Zone as well, has easy intermodal shipping, and superior international shipping. Shipping to Mexico is something you perhaps want to explore, and it's the only port with the expertise to get this done efficiently.

Interstate Highways and Other Intermodal Shipping

As you can see from a map of Texas, interstate highways are extensive and can reach the Midwest and West within one or two days. Through Houston, you get prominent I-10 and I-45.

Through the Port of Brownsville above, you get some of the best intermodal shipping available in the state. This includes U.S.-Mexican truck lines, many railways, and short-sea shipping through the M-10 Marine Highway.

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