3PL Warehouse Companies in Pennsylvania: Shipping in the Keystone State

3PL Warehouses in Pennsylvania

If you are looking to store and ship goods in the continental United States, 3PL Warehouse Companies in Pennsylvania provide a key gateway point of access. Pennsylvania is dubbed the Keystone State for a reason: it serves as the central nexus for the Northeastern United States, a gateway to the Midwest and to the South. Pennsylvania's roots go deep in terms of tolerance and openness to diversity, as well as respect for a solid work ethic and reliable business dealings. Visitors to Pennsylvania come for reasons as varied as backpacking in the Poconos and high-tech business summits in Philadelphia.

3PL Warehouse Companies in Philadelphia

Temporary capital of the United States and key focal point of the American Revolution, Philadelphia was honored in 2015 as the first World Heritage site in the United States. When one thinks of Philadelphia, many images may come to mind, from the Liberty Bell to Independence Hall to Penn's Landing. As a business looking for prime warehouse locations, here is another image to add: its central location on a map of the northeastern United States.

If you consider Philadelphia's location comparable to New York City, New Jersey and Washington D.C., you can quickly see that it provides a central focal point. Rail lines provide easy and frequent access to the port of New York. Also, it must be mentioned that Philadelphia - and any place not New York City or Washington D.C. - has far lower costs in terms of space, because these are two of the most expensive areas in the country. The Philadelphia metropolitan area encompasses a broad geographic area and includes a broad diversity of industrial and warehouse centers, depending upon your needs.

3PL Warehouse Companies in Pittsburgh

The second-largest city in Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh is known as the Steel City for its long-standing relationship with the steel industry, which continues into the modern age. Due to its prime shipping location, between the Northeast (especially Philadelphia and New York) and the Midwest (Ohio and beyond), as well as Canada to the north, Pittsburgh has retained its reputation as an industrial mecca. Although it may lack some of historical cachet of Philadelphia to the east, Pittsburgh has a more industrial-oriented reputation, making it another ideal location for warehousing, especially if you want to keep close to the Northeast while positioning yourself for business to the rest of the North American continent.

Major Industries and Transportation Hubs

To this day, Pennsylvania is known especially for its east-west rail line, running from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, providing a gateway to the Northeast and to the Midwest, with other hubs traveling up to Canada and upstate New York, and down to Washington D.C. and Maryland. In addition to the rail lines, interstates 70, 76 and 80 make their way across the state. Basically, if you are traveling from the East Coast to the West Coast, chances are good you are going to be traveling through Pennsylvania anyway, making it an ideal stopping point. On the east, Pennsylvania is also conveniently close to the major north-south lines which straddle the East Coast, while avoiding much of the congestion associated with those lines.

Industries in Pennsylvania range from the famed work of local artisans, especially the Amish, whose handicrafts and woodwork are prized worldwide, to its many farms and mines, for coal and steel and other natural resources, as well as lumber and cattle. This broad range of natural resources and industries continues to provide a backdrop where commercial warehousing and transport is a key concern. This means that if you are looking for a 3PL warehouse and you do decide to utilize Pennsylvania, you will be in friendly territory, in a place where such practices have a time-honored tradition.

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