3PL Warehouse Companies in Oregon: The Best Cities and Ports for NW Shipping

3PL Warehouse Companies in Oregon

If you're considering partnering with a 3PL warehouse company in Oregon, you have a perfect central location for shipping goods up and down the west coast. With Washington up north and California to the south, you can use ports in those states if necessary without major delays. However, Oregon has numerous ports along the coast for small shipping duties. Plus, major arterial methods are available to get goods quickly distributed throughout the region.

Those not familiar with Oregon's surrounding cities sometimes think Portland is the only hub for effective warehouse distribution. This isn't true when you consider the state has a major highway extending the length of the interior valley.

Train lines are also extensive, and one of the main lines extends through most major towns and cities.

Let's take a look at some of the major ports in Oregon, important cities, rail lines, and how they tie in with one another to help you make a better 3PL decision.

The Port of Portland

Portland is one of the most famous cities in Oregon, and it's just as popular with businesses because of the friendly business climate. You can find many 3PL companies here, and they're all close to The Port of Portland. Through this port, you have several terminals for shipping goods, including for container barging.

Logistic services are just as good with nearby railroads, drayage trucking, and freight forwarders. Of course, with Portland already a major city, having it nearby can mean having access to Portland International Airport as well for easy transportation by air.

All of the terminals at the port can accommodate any type of cargo. While much of that involves lumber and forest products, each terminal ships out packaged cargoes of numerous variety.

The Port of Newport

With Portland such a perfect central location for finding 3PL centers, don't discount the Oregon Coast either. The Port of Newport is a major hub for shipping goods up and down the Pacific Coast and internationally. With Newport a major coastal community, you have another good location for shipping goods to other coastal areas to the north or south.

The Port of Newport is currently planning to expand their shipping facility to help bring more efficient agricultural exports.

Major Highways and Airports

With I-5 a main highway through the entire valley of Oregon, it's a transportation system going up to the north tip of Washington and down into Southern California. It's the same for Highway 101 along the coast of Oregon. This extends up to Washington and down into California as well for an easy byway to truck items within one or two days.

As mentioned above, Portland International Airport is one of the major airports in all of Oregon for overseas shipping. However, other major international airports exist in Eugene (in the southern valley), plus North Bend, Medford, Redmond, and Pendelton in the eastern part of the state.

The Best Cities for Finding 3PL Companies

Outside of Portland, don't overlook Oregon's capital city, Salem, as a great central location for 3PL companies. This city is only 40 miles away from Portland so shipping items between valley cities can happen virtually overnight.

Eugene to the south is a vibrant city that connects to all cities in the valley, including easy access to the coast or eastern Oregon. All of these cities have many railway services for shipping goods. Some of the best known are Union Pacific Railroad and Willamette & Pacific Railroad.

Before you choose a 3PL warehouse in these regions, you need to thoroughly vet them to make sure they fit your industry. We can help you find the best fulfillment centers throughout Oregon here at 3PLCompanies.net.

Contact us so we can help you find what you need to bring you better efficiency to your business.

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