3PL Warehouse Companies in Indiana, the Crossroads of America!

3PL Warehousing Companies Indiana

If you are doing business in North America, shipping by land, air, or sea, 3PL Warehouse Companies in Indiana provide an ideal, centralized location for storage and retrieval.

3PL Warehouse Companies in Indiana: An Overview

Indiana is one of the few states to have a split time zone, with the majority of Indiana in the Eastern Time Zone, but the northwest and northeastern corners in the Central Time Zone, in keeping with their adjacent metropolitan areas in neighboring states. Like its time zones, Indiana is a study in contrasts, with its own unique identity as the Hoosier State, and with numerous connections to the world beyond its borders. When you think of Indiana, think of connectivity. In the northwestern corner of the state, the Port of Indiana provides easy access to Lake Michigan, not far from Chicago, Illinois and away from the bustle of the big city. Extensive rail lines run through the state, providing easy access to the major coast-to-coast routes as well as northward into Canada and south to Kentucky and beyond. Given the ready availability of different modes of transport, and its central location, Indiana has solid ground for its state motto: the Crossroads of America.

3PL Warehouse Companies in Indiana: Indianapolis

The capital of Indiana and its most populated city, with a population of 850,000 in the city alone, Indianapolis enjoys a reputation for sports and industry unrivaled in the Midwest. When you think of Indianapolis, doubtless one of the first images to come to mind is that of the Indy 500, the world-famous car race which draws hundreds of thousands of spectators annually. Indianapolis is a mainstay of the sporting world, home to the NCAA national headquarters, as well as the NFL Colts and the NBA Pacers. That said, Indianapolis is not all about play; it is also heavily invested in business, especially healthcare. Businesses  headquartered in Indianapolis include Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shieldand Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals, both Fortune 500 companies.

Although Indiana has taken the title Crossroads of America for its own, it is worth noting that this prestigious title originally belonged to Indianapolis, and for good reason. As the central city of a central state, Indianapolis is within a couple day's travel of most of the continental United States. Four major interstates intersect in Indianapolis, including I-70 and I-65, which are major east-west and north-south corridors respectively. Rail lines passing through, and around, Indianapolis, similarly provide access to locations through the United States and Canada. What is more, the sprawling size of Indianapolis, together with its expansive suburbs and open areas beyond, mean that companies looking to invest here can enjoy bargain land prices.

3PL Warehouse Companies in Indiana: Fort Wayne

If you are looking to do business in North America and considering Indianapolis as a possible stopping point, do not overlook Fort Wayne as a possibility with even greater bargainvalue. The second largest city in Indiana, Fort Wayne is connected to Indianapolis, and to the rest of the country, by I-69 and by Norfolk Southern Rail. Fort Wayne's International Airport also houses the 122nd Fighter Wing of the Air National Guard. With a solid history of manufacturing and industry, Fort Wayne continues to house offices of major business such as B.F. Goodrich, General Motors, and Lincoln Financial Group. As a major Midwest city hit hard by the economic changes of the past century, Fort Wayne maintains all the Midwestern benefits of open space and solid transportation infrastructure, while offering low prices and incentives for business looking to do business. If you are considering a warehouse company in the Midwest, and if you are shipping goods throughout the United States, Fort Wayne is certainly worth a look.

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