3PL Warehouse Companies in Idaho: A Location That Strengthens Your Supply Chain

3PL Warehouse Solutions in Idaho

When looking for west coast warehouses, you've perhaps overlooked Idaho, simply because it isn't really connected to the Pacific Ocean. One thing to remember about choosing a 3PL in a particular state is you're basically connecting to an entire region of the United States rather than staying local. Idaho is a good example of this where you can quickly ship to numerous states in the west coast and Midwest.

It's one of the reasons 3PL warehouse companies in Idaho are usually plentiful. This doesn't necessarily mean every one is right for you, even ones in major cities like Boise.

We can help you find a 3PL that fits your business structure while still being near some of the best distributive regions. Idaho has various advantages for getting goods shipped regionally, stateside, and internationally.

Known as the Gem State, Idaho only has one seaport, though it's one of the most significant inland ports on the west coast. Many of their local interstates connect to key cities in Idaho you may want to target beyond ones you think of first.

The Advantage of Your 3PL Warehouse Being Near Boise

There isn't any question that capital city Boise is popular in Idaho, and various distribution advantages surround the area. Being near here gives you access to Boise Airport, which is a good central location for sending cargo to west coast markets.

Air cargo shipments grew considerably in this airport after hi-tech manufacturing technology evolved quickly in the state. With 30 air freight and package express companies working here, the airport touts unmatched transportation services anywhere in the country.

Boise Airport has more chance for cargo expansion since they aren't burdened for space like airports in Seattle and San Francisco. Even so, you have considerable intermodal transportation in the Boise area. I-84 is a major interstate highway that takes you into various surrounding states within one day.

Port of Lewiston

Here you have the most inland port on the entire west coast, despite being a leader in intermodal shipping to various U.S. cities and Canada. You're only 103 miles to Spokane, Washington, 465 miles to Portland, Oregon, and roughly 800 miles from North Dakota.

While the latter above might seem a considerable distance, interstates provide easy truck routes that only take a day or two. Overall, the port provides numerous shipping methods by river, rail, road, and air.

Recently, you can do some limited container shipping directly to the Port of Tacoma. It shows the interconnected byways that help you reach other west coast ports in a short time. For reaching Asian markets, you don't have to live along the coast to quickly ship internationally.

Interstates That Connect to Other Cities

I-84 mentioned above goes through Boise, though it also winds through prominent towns like Twin Falls and Glenns Ferry. I-90 to the north is another prominent interstate that takes you into Canada. However, this highway covers well-known towns like Coeur d'Alene and Post Falls.

In the lower eastern portion of Idaho, I-15 can help you reach towns from Spencer to Downey. It goes through Pocatello as well, which is a good market to cover and not always thought of first.

I-86 connects to I-84 and I-15 as a trio of useful roadways. Through I-86, you can get to small towns like Rupert and Burley. Never discount important roadways that gain fast access to small towns where you sometimes find high populations.

Now that you know Idaho is a great location for a 3PL, how do you properly vet one? Here at 3PLCompanies.net, we have everything you need to find the right 3PL warehouse designed to meet your business demands.

Contact us to get started on your warehouse search in Idaho, or any state nationwide.

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