3PL Warehouse Companies in Florida: Reaching Your Distribution Goals in the Southern U.S.

3PL Warehousing in Florida

If you're considering 3PL warehouse companies in Florida, you've made a smart move for distributing goods in the southern U.S. Florida is already known for a lot of things, though you don't hear a lot of talk about the useful ports there. Florida has numerous ports for cargo shipments, plus major interstate highways that reach all of the state's main cities.

Perhaps you want to corner the southern U.S. with your products after neglecting the area for far too long. Choosing Florida is a prime spot because of the above byways connecting easily to places like Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Alabama.

Plus, using the best ports in the region, you'll have access to many international markets, including Latin American countries. However, China is accessible from this vantage point as well.

Florida has many 3PL companies as a result of the above conveniences. Not all 3PL warehouses are perfect for you, though. That's where we can help you here at 3PLCompanies.net.

Let's take a look at the various ports in Florida, roadways, and the most advantageous cities nearest these distribution centers. You'll be enlightened knowing Florida has 14 major ports up and down the coast.

Port of Miami - 3PL Option for Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Boca Raton

This is one of the biggest and most important ports in all of America. Frequently called The Cargo Gateway of the Americas, you have a lot of benefits having a 3PL center near PortMiami. The reason is that further growth will occur in the coming year thanks to the Panama Canal's new expansion.

Mega-size cargo ships will soon come through this port as the above new process take place. You can already enjoy some recent improvements by using the recently opened Port Tunnel, which gives you a direct connection to nearby railways and highways.

Port Tampa Bay for Central Florida and Orlando Florida

Here you have the largest port in the entire state of Florida, and they only continue to expand year by year. Being near Tampa is an outstanding choice because you can distribute goods quite easily through central Florida regions. Port Tampa Bay facilitates this through their focus on shipping significant industrial products.

International trade through this port is quite important and includes countries like India, Mexico, Russia, and even Japan.

A true strong point using Tampa's port is they give you more cost-effective shipping options. They use the I-4 corridor for local distribution as well as into the above-mentioned southern states.

The Port of Jacksonville

While a slightly smaller port, the Port of Jacksonville is worth mentioning here because it provides considerably more interstate distribution. With three cargo facilities available, they can ship products to the U.S. Midwest as well as the Southeast. In fact, they cover up to 48 states, most of which they can reach in one day by truck service.

If you need to corner markets like Puerto Rico, this port is a leader in shipping goods there. Despite being in Florida, you can still easily ship your products to China.

The Advantages of Using an Intermodal System

Through other ports like The Port of Fernandia (in Fernandina Beach), you can enjoy using an intermodal shipping system. Being not far away from Jacksonville International Airport, you have quick access to air delivery in any market.

Railways are extensive near this port and include CSX Railroad, Merchant Train, and Double Stack Intermodal Train. First Coast Railroad is additionally available, which gives you convenient short line rail service.

Interstate highways like I-95 and I-10 provide immediate access to cities like Orlando and Tampa.

It's important to vet any 3PL company near these ports, highways, and railways. Contact us here at 3PLCompanies.net so we can help you make the right choice in 2016.

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