3PL Companies in Wisconsin: Covering Local and Nearby Midwest Markets

3PL Warehouse Companies in Wisconsin

Finding 3PL warehouse companies in Wisconsin is a smart move, because it's a strategically located state to deliver your products to the Midwest. With proximity to important Midwestern states like Iowa and Minnesota, plus Chicago, Michigan to the south, you can tap a lot of important markets in this part of the United States.

As with all states, finding 3PL companies is fairly easy. The challenge is finding one that meets your technological and distribution needs. You may find one in an advantageous area of Wisconsin you think is perfect. Yet, after working with them, you may end up realizing they can't meet your requirements.

You need a more thorough vetting process before signing a contract, and we can help here at insightQuote. We're also here to show you the benefits of choosing a 3PL Warehouse in Wisconsin. With various useful ports and byways connected to major cities in-state or out, you'll see why America's Dairyland is perfect for distributing goods.

The Port of Milwaukee - Access to Madison, Green Bay, Appleton and Beyond

This port on the western shore of Lake Michigan gives you exemplary service in transportation and distribution with a devoted team of professionals. They cover goods distribution into the Western Great Lakes as well as through inland waterways. Even more convenient is they provide a water route up into Montreal, Canada as well, giving you a chance to corner Canadian markets not far away.

Using inland river barges, they ship goods as far as the U.S. Gulf. They do this by using the Illinois River that connects to the Mississippi River. In total, it takes only 10 days to reach those regions with a dedicated tow.

The port has 330,000 square feet of space for general cargo as just starters. They also provide every type of distributive service from warehousing to container stuffing.

The Port of Milwaukee is also near prominent highways and Class I railroads you'll want to know about later.

Brown County Port of Green Bay

Here you have another important port in Wisconsin next to the prominent city of Green Bay. Touted as the western-most port near Lake Michigan, you have 14 port businesses here along the Fox River. Two million tons of cargo go out of the Port of Green Bay every year, which proves the area's vitality.

Another positive aspect to this port is they work hard to promote harbor improvements to bring economic growth to the Green Bay area and Northeastern Wisconsin. They use sustainable methods and affordable technology to make it attractive to new businesses who want to contribute to the well-being of the local economy.

Railways and Highways in Wisconsin

Near the Port of Milwaukee above, you have some major highways that provide direct pipelines to all the major cities throughout Wisconsin. Highway I-94/794 goes right into the port, which gives you fast distribution via truck. Other service roads aren't far away since many exits to these roads are just a short distance from the port's entrance.

Other local highways connect directly to cities in other nearby states for easy transportation to places like Chicago and into Minnesota. You can even get products delivered to Indianapolis, Indiana within only a few hours.

Major railways are directly connected to the above port as well. With the port owning about 13 miles of track, the main lines connect to the main port property. The railway lines include Union Pacific Railroad and Canadian Pacific Railway for fast rail service up into not only Montreal, but also the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

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