3PL Companies in California: Finding the Best Location for Shipping Goods

California 3PL Companies and Warehouses

Finding 3PL companies in California that can serve as fulfillment centers helps your business tackle the logistics function so that you can focus on other areas of your business. It's a particularly noteworthy location when you have west coast strategies in mind. Considering many of the ports available in central and northern California alone, you already have a pipeline to faster domestic service, plus to Asian countries.

It's still important to do your homework before choosing your Californian 3PL warehouse. Not all have quality service or convenient locations near shipping ports or airports. Here at Intelligent Connections Corp, we're here to define your search through proper vetting so you find the right 3PL company fitting your business structure.

As you research 3PL companies in California, you'll find specific cities are better than others. A real advantage is knowing where all California shipping ports are so you can choose a fulfillment center nearby. These ports are your best bets for having easier import access to places like China as part of your business expansion.

Why Los Angeles is One of the Best 3PL Center Cities

You'll find experts who say Los Angeles is arguably the greatest city for finding a fulfillment center. The reasons are extensive, though the most obvious is it's a central hub for all west coast shipping. Many 3PL centers there have top warehouse technology to get orders out faster to outlying cities.

L.A. is also the second largest city in America, so you already have confidence in having more 3PL warehouse choices. Because L.A. is already a major transportation portal, you have quicker access to major highways for faster shipping to local cities.

Some of the largest ports of California are near Los Angeles as well. Ports directly in L.A. and nearby Long Beach provide you immediate access to daily imports and exports. With Los Angeles importing $21 billion this year alone, you can see why it's the most used port on the west coast of the U.S.

Plus, don't forget the Port of Los Angeles is an official Foreign-Trade Zone. Abbreviated as FTZ, any port with this designation automatically helps importers enjoy major cost-saving benefits.

Finding 3PL Solutions Near Other California Ports

The Port of Los Angeles is far from the only major port along the California coast. Of course, the Port of Oakland (near San Francisco)  is very popular as well, but you'll find 11 major ports along the California coast, and all of them are in or near the most notable California cities you can name.

When you need to focus on more Northern California regions and want a solution other than Oaklan, Humboldt Bay Harbor District is just 225 miles north of San Francisco. It's already considered a major port of international commerce for all Northern California businesses.

In-between Los Angeles and San Francisco is the Port of Hueneme, which covers all imports for the central California region. It gives the promise of higher productivity and lower congestion while providing direct import routes to the Pacific Rim and Europe.

Another Foreign Trade Zone port is the Port of Stockton that's known for being one of the few open around the clock. It has connections to nearby railroads, giving you easy access from many cities throughout California. Most impressive, the Port of Stockton is the biggest port in the area where you can save considerable money shipping to China thanks to FTZ status.

These are just some of the ports and cities to check out in California for your 3PL solution. Other cities like Fullerton became a popular hub for 3PL companies in recent years. In that city, you can find numerous companies because they're only 25 miles southeast of Los Angeles.

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